3 thoughts on “Council Bill on Commercial Leases in Limbo as Evidence of Vacancy Problem Grows

  1. Its called RIGGING by REBNY to stop the Jobs Act and its all political theater being done by
    REBNY’s City Hall cronies who they give lots of campaign cash to keep the status quo. There are two words that will NEVER be used by these fake bills and studies, RIGHTS AND SAVE. Until legislation gives small business owners RIGHTS when their leases expire the small business crisis will continue. Not one of these many cooked up bills, worthless studies, useless initiatives give a single right to owners when their leases expire and will not save a single business in NYC.

  2. Regulation is definitely an issue. A simple DOB permit can cost 7-8k. That’s just expediting, DOB, ACP-5 (asbestos report, requirements on EVERY permit) and an architectural drawing.
    RE TAX is an enormous cost as well.

    The really easy thing to do is —loosen the regulations

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