2 thoughts on “CityViews: NYC Activists Must Take the Environmental Movement to the Next Level

  1. ‘…XR in London occupied the five main bridges over the River Thames for six hours…’

    Thus causing more pollution from cars stuck in traffic for hours. Morons.

    • That’s so ridiculous! The cars are causing pollution anyway! We’re trying to gain public attention to an existential threat to humanity (and the need for electric, rather than gas-powered. vehicles) by disrupting people’s lives for a few hours. My life was disrupted for several *days* by Hurricane Sandy, one of many storms caused by climate change, when I lost all heat and power, and I was luckier than many people in the region. That extra bit of air pollution will not make a penny’s worth of difference if we continue to march towards Armageddon. The right, even our ignorant, mindless POTUS, has traditionally used scorn and ridicule to discourage people from doing what has to be done, and it’s not going to work anymore.

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