4 thoughts on “Will City’s Water Board Explore a New Stormwater Fee?

  1. You can’t control how much it rains/snows each year which is why this fee is just another money grab by the city.

    • But you can control — to some degree — how much of the rain or snow is absorbed where it falls rather than draining into the sewer system and becoming someone else’s problem. Okay, even in the most pristine wilderness there’s runoff. We call that a “stream” or a “creek”. But much precipitation is absorbed where it falls. I think it’s good public policy that DEP is seeking a way to encourage land owners — whether commercial or residential — to not shift the cost of runoff from private property to the public. It’s one of the responsibilities of owning private property.

      • But how do you calculate how much of an individual’s property creates ‘runoff’ without inspecting every property in the city. There are 661,000 1-2-3 family homes in the city. On top of that add the roughly 54,000 apartment buildings. So right there that’s a combined total of 715,000 buildings. This is just another money-grab by the NYCDEP.

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