One thought on “Sensing ‘Single Payer’ is Possible, a Call to Include Long-Term Care

  1. If you want the New York Health Act to pass the Senate, as my research has shown, one needs to get out and form relationships with white rural areas voters, which is a process that progressive organizations don’t seem to want to invest in. This would stand in good stead on other issues as well. It is absurd that single payer organizations continue the status quo of lobbying the NYS Senate. The constituency that votes for these senators is the one that has to lobby them. Why should the Republicans take a chance on giving up their seats? But I have been told, “We are not interested in working on your issue”. Or “Go work for the Poor People’s Campaign.” We are missing an important opportunity to listen and bring this group of people into the discussion. They have been forsaken by the Democrats and the Progressives only want them as clients. I have given up working with people in the single payer movement. There is no point. They want to stay in their box. I have designed a storytelling workshop and moral questions that can be used to change the direction of conversation.

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