6 thoughts on “Amid Scrutiny of Jails and Jailers, NYC’s Private Prison Escapes Attention

  1. “Another plaintiff, Joel Vasquez, alleges that the base of a negligently unsecured volleyball set landed on his right foot and caused injury.”
    This is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the prison system. The amount of money wasted on frivolous tort cases or section 1983 lawsuits for nonsense like this that could actually be used to help victims or create better facilities. Instead that money is wasted on incarcerated plaintiffs who view the lawsuits as little more than playing lotto, a chance to get brought to NYC for the trial and see some friends and relatives, and a feeding ground for lawyers who get their fees paid for even a $1 recovery. Inmates should not be permitted to sue for monetary damages while serving their sentence. For any tort or adjudicated violation of Constitutional rights, there should be injunctive relief only. This would save the taxpayers literally millions of dollars, and help an overburdened and backlogged court system.

    • It would save more money to use electronic ankle bracelets in most cases and do away with the growing for profit prison industry which rakes in that enormous profit from our taxes while providing dismal and shoddy services while evading responsible oversight.

  2. I think ? this is wrong to have this place over there because of a family shelter around that area and you have students that waits for the vans to goes home ? what if an inmate tries to escape and something happens to these innocent people that there’s around the community

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