3 thoughts on “CityViews: New Data Makes Clear That NYC Needs Even More Affordable Housing

  1. It is reported that Jared Kushner’s real estate company filed false reports in order to “redevelop” apartment buildings in Queens, and elsewhere. Claiming, in writing, that these buildings had no tenants with rent-stabilized leases = fraud. The Department of Buildings could have confirmed this information and did not. “Submitting false documents to the city’s Department of Buildings for construction permits is a misdemeanor, which can carry fines of up to $25,000. But real estate experts say it is often flouted with little to no consequences. Landlords who do so get off with no more than a demand from the city, sometimes a year or more later, to file an “amended” form with the correct numbers.” If the City will not enforce the meager laws already on the books, then there is little hope that low and middle-income individuals families can expect to be decently housed. [http://time.com/5204940/jared-kushner-company-false-paperwork-new-york/]

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