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This video is part of a series about the city’s bus system.
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3 thoughts on “Video: Your 2-Minute Briefing on the NYC Bus System

  1. There’s only one significant problem with MTA bus service. It’s the excessive total trip time, from the time a passenger arrives at the bus stop to the time he gets off the bus. Reducing total trip time would result in many more people riding buses and would produce more revenue for the MTA.
    Implementing two measures would accomplish more than all the other proposed solutions combined.
    1. Bus bunching is by far the major problem. A wait of 20 minutes or more is common, even when buses are scheduled to run every 2 or 3 minutes. A one mile trip requiring a transfer can literally take over an hour. Some cities in the U.S. and abroad have systems that have significantly reduced bus bunching. The MTA should find the best system and implement it in NYC.
    2. Fare prepayment has proven to significantly reduce travel time; examples are the M79 and M86 routes. Fare prepayment should be implemented at all bus stops on every route.

  2. Don’t get it! New York can’t manage a bus circulation? These problems don’t exists in Europe and so far NY is the grand destino !

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