8 thoughts on “Under Lingering Obama Initiative, NYC to Evaluate Fair Housing

  1. I don’t see deBlasio wasting his time on AFFH. It will only lead to political battles he can’t win. Besides, it looks like the Trump administration will scrap the program or ignore it.

    But one thing LA did almost makes sense: ‘…the city now requires every commercial and residential developer to pay a fee for every square foot of new construction. The revenue will be used to preserve and create affordable housing throughout the city.’

    In NYC I’d institute a voluntary program where in exchange for paying a per unit fee on each new market rate apartment they’d be permitted to build higher. The money from the fee would go to a fund to pay for ‘affordable’ units in neighborhoods where land values and thus construction costs are less. You end up with more ‘affordable’ apartments where you need them.

    • We don’t need taller buildings. The only NYC administration goal is to drive out long time residents that the new comers feel are no longer useful and create a new concrete jungle. Sadly, a city cannot survive on high income earners alone. It seems that all the buildings will be owned by one group who are not willing to rent to everyone. The mayor and Brooklyn BP are complicit in this endeavor

  2. Having conducted some of the most highly regarded Analyses of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (the predecessor to the Assessment of Fair Housing), I would like to suggest that the AFH is pretty much a farce. It was designed to make it easy for HUD staff to review to see if specific issues were addressed. But the problem remains that the vast majority of AFHs are being conducted by the same consultants who produced incompetent Analyses of Impediments that white washed the core issue to be examined: the extent of housing segregation. In addition, a specific skill set is needed to conduct that examination — and few consultants conducting AFHs possess that skill set. Even worse, HUD has been encouraging communities to conduct AFHs themselves. That’s like letting them conduct their own financial audit — serious conflict of interest. The new AFH requires surveys to be conducred even though they have always been worthless unless they are random sample surveys. But the money isn’t there to conduct random sample surveys. The new AFH does nothing to solve those problems.

    Since its creation in 1974 under a Republican President, the express purpose of the Community Development Block Grants (which require the AI and subsequently the AFH to be produced) has always been to foster racial, ethnic, and economic integration. As long as HUD staff continues to let communities off the hook with AIs and AFHs that fail to adequately address that issue, they will be fairly worthless exercises.

  3. I think the AFFH Rule is, at this point, just words on paper. The Trump Administration has no intention of enforcing this on any municipality that does not implement it. This is just a social engineering scam which Ben Carson does not support . With massive budget cuts coming to HUD in 2018, it will probably just die on the branch, along with HUD itself. The days of the federal government funding all of these vouchers is coming to an end, probably within the next few years.

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  5. I am with the HM who posted on January 3rd, 2018, that there is no real desire to help the thousands living in DEPLORABLE CONDITIONS in hundreds of NYCHA housing complexes. However, the mistake that is always made, the one that involves GREED, is the one God can & will use to level the playing field. I know that when HE DEEMS, “TIMES UP”, those who have done nothing, but, keep taking for themselves, while others suffer, will be the first in line to answer, just as in the “ME TOO” movement. The day of reckoning is almost here!

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