12 thoughts on “What the Federal Tax Bill Means for NYC’s Affordability Crisis

  1. It is nice that you are trying to help low income people afford housing but this is a Local and State issue and NOT a Federal issue that taxes paid by citizens in other states need to be funding. New York has some of the richest people living there so between the State and Local-City governments, they need to figure this out and not rely on money from the Federal government. New York has one of the highest taxation bases so it would be logical to say they need to look more closely at the spending budgets and reduce or stop some of their programs if their State can’t afford to fund it own their own.

    • Fair points, except for the factual parts: New York City and state send a lot more money to the federal government than they received in return. If anything, NY is subsidizing other states, not vice versa. Reducing deductibility will only exacerbate that disparity.

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  9. What! Undocumented families wont be able to claim a tax break without an SSN! What a tragedy, if they even file for taxes. I guess they could just go home and stop mooching off of the American Tax payer, CA is on the verge of total implosion already so what will they do when even CA cannot pay for such benefits?????

    • Many illegals used made up SSNs which sometimes legitimately belong to other people causing identity theft nightmares for innocent Americans. But let’s just keep on giving them ‘sanctuary’.

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