2 thoughts on “EMS Unions Fight City for Data on Race, Salary & Discipline

  1. I believe both emt’s and paramedic’s can take the firefighters exam as a Promotion and get the raise they seak.If they don’t want to be firefighters for any reason they have the right to return to their prior positions and Pay

    • And…thank you for totally missing the point. In an ‘all hazards’ (combined fire and EMS) agency, it should not be considered a ‘promotion’ to leave being a paramedic to become a firefighter. Career personnel in EMS enter the profession to serve in EMS, not to become firefighters one day. In the same way, aspiring firefighters should not be encouraged to join EMS just to streamline their access to future promotions over to fire. Pay and discipline disparity is a real crisis in the FDNY and has been since day one of the merger.

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