Former NYPD detective Bo Dietl, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis during one of the few moments in Thursday's debate when they weren't talking over one another.

The debates are over and five days of campaigning are all that remain before the voters take charge of the 2017 election.

Did the second and final general election mayoral debate provide any new information? Which of the questions were fair or unfair? Who won? And will it matter?

Ben Max of Gotham Gazette and City Limits’ Jarrett Murphy discuss it all.

On Monday November 6 from noon to 12:30 p.m., Gotham Gazette’s Ben Max and Jarrett Murphy of City Limits provide a final briefing on the 2017 municipal election, from the mayor’s race to the Council contests and everything in between.

In their first live show and their video debut, Max and Murphy will give their takes on 10 Things NYC Voters Should Think About On Election Day—and they’ll include ideas that viewers submit ahead of time or during the broadcast.

Tweet your input to @citylimitsorg with the hashtag #ElectionEve or email it to with the subject line “10 things!”

Then tune in right here on Monday.