18 thoughts on “Factcheck: Harsh Language and Overstated Charges in a Council Race Flyer

  1. Actions speak louder than words! Chin stands for the money not for We The People! Legalized Slavery is all she cares about and making sure that her people are not subject to inclusion on the Lower Eastside. She is guilty of doing nothing for all of humanity on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan.

  2. It was almost comical to see Marte hold a rally for the Elizabeth St Pop Up Garden in front of Rivington House a few months ago. He had nothing at all to say about it in the previous year (or was it two years?) that Chin and our community had been fighting its closing and working to return it to its intended purpose. A Marte supporter said to me recently that the neighborhood needs some fresh blood. Fresh blood can be fine (unless it’s in the form of Trump). But Marte, aside from two failed campaigns, has no experience in community service or activism that I know of. Campaigning on the hard work of others shouldn’t be rewarded with a vote.

  3. First off, thank you for the run down and analysis. Thorough.

    Second, I am having trouble processing this sentence:

    ” An investigation by Comptroller Scott Stringer found many people to blame for this scandal, including DCAS and City Hall blame on DCAS and City Hall…”

    Can you elucidate on what you mean, as the sentence (as it is written/as I am reading it) does not make much sense to me.

  4. In politics, if you can tarnish your opponent you have won the fight. Look at our current “president”. It does not help Chin that so much negative things have occurred during her tenure.

  5. Wow, for an article that claims to refute many of the positions against Chin, it sure does explain where all of them have more than a lil’ basis in fact. Everyone goes big in advertising, so sure they’d make it sound bad, but as laid out in this article what Chin has done is very bad, and nothing in this article says that the claims are lies. This woman is clearly working against the very people she is supposed to represent. yuck!

  6. Just wondering Abigail, if you wrote this piece or if Chin staffers wrote it? Shame on City Limits for publishing Chin propaganda! It appears your investigation and “analysis” amounted to getting Chin staffers opinion. Bottom line is that for all of her years in office Chin has divided the community and resisted efforts to pass the community-led rezoning plan, the Chinatown Working Group Rezoning Plan. Only now, at election time, does she claim she supports it. But under her watch, just look at the highrises coming into the community. All those who work or live in the Lower East Side and Chinatown must come together to demand our elected officials be accountable to us, not the developers!

    • Tosh, just for your information, a Chin aide called us moments after the story published, furious about the article, its “credulous” approach to the flyer and its letting Marte off the hook. He talked really loud and even hung up me. It really hurt my feelings. But I’m getting over it, because I have a deep reservoir of inner strength and also a lot of Halloween candy here in the office.

      Anyhow, your charge that we’re shilling for Chin is absurd. What we did is called journalism. We reported the facts that are knowable. When things were murky, we noted the murk. The fact that our work seems have to upset partisans of both sides of this race is not surprising.

  7. Thanks for this piece. I found it a relief. Not that I agree with all of it, but that someone is trying to look at this race using actual facts. I was on the Chinatown Working Group in 2009 and the very people who blame Chin for the delay were the ones who cost us years by attacking the leadership of the organization and refusing any kind of compromise. In coalitions, when there are contentious issues most organizations will try to find the common ground and then organize to fight for that ground together. All while continuing to challenge any areas of disagreement – but doing so as a distinct organization. That’s how groups move forward. Many groups left because nothing could get done. Now two important organizations have said lets move on this and at least get the Two-Bridges area rezoned now, because they are in crisis. Good to have it moving forward again. it was an organizational problem – not a government elected official one. Chin isn’t perfect, but she has held to her convictions on affordable housing – costing her votes from the gentrified Elizabeth site in Little Italy – where I have lived for 27 years. They insist on the space being solely for open space despite the fact that it will still have 5K sq ft of garden. I can’t abide that given the fact that we have 60,000 homeless people in crisis and seniors wait 7-10 years for housing that is accessible. You can’t age in place in a 5 story walk-up if you can’t…walk up. And last, as the lead for the last 3 years on the Neighbors to Save Rivington House I have to say that attacking Chin to make campaign points has not been helpful to this cause. She, Gale Brewer, Squadron, now Niou and soon likely Kavanagh have all been entirely supportive. All have listened to the neighborhood’s request to fight for the return against all odds. None have been more staunch than Chin. She fought for this to stay a nursing home when VillageCare wanted to sell it off. This is a fight for people who have no voice – people in our community who have Alzheimer’s or who live alone or whose families need to be near them or who need 24/7 skilled care. And before that it was a fight for low-income, of color, people living with AIDS.
    As to the high-rises, not sure how any one elected official is exactly responsible for a trillion dollar real estate industry and …capitalism?
    Keep that bowl of candy handy. It’s going to be a bumpy night.

    • Rivington House = There are really only 2 options: either DeBlasio had Chin looked the other way so the deal could be done, or Chin is really bad at her job. There are no other options.

  8. I was actively involved in the discussions around Essex Crossing (then SPURA) and Margaret Chin and her staff were outspoken and consistent advocates for 100% affordable housing. I think she eventually moderated her views as a result of her desire to get some housing built on a lot that had been abandoned for 50 years. There were strong forces in place opposed to any affordable housing being built.

  9. Here’s an article from the time on Essex Crossing – keep in mind that Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Silver were both strongly opposed to more affordable housing. And below you’ll see what she said as a candidate – clearly pushing back against strong forces who were opponents of affordable housing:



    • I have still yet to hear one person say why Elizabeth Street Garden should have been part of SPURA. It is no where near SPURA. ESG had no connection to SPURA. ESG is not even in the same CB as SPURA. Someone rigged this deal for god knows what reason. Whoever made it part of SPURA should go to jail. Please, someone give any good reason for this shenanigan. It’s just too easy to see why something underhanded was done here. Who doesn’t like gardens? ugh.

  10. There is no such thing in NYS as the “Independent Party”. There is the “ideologically bereft” Independence Party (see, https://www.villagevoice.com/2017/03/09/think-you-understand-the-depths-of-albanys-dysfunction-meet-the-independence-party/) which, I believe, is the entity that was meant to be cited here as providing Marte its line on the Nov. 7th general election ballot. The ideologically bereft Independence Party gang is funneling money to the infernal IDC, the so-called Independent Democratic Conference, which has handed control of NYS’s Senate over to the Republicans, despite the fact that voters elected more Democrats to the chamber than Republicans. The arrangement has been called “vulnerable to challenge” and is under investigation. Anyone who votes for anyone on the Independence Party line thinking he or she is supporting an irreproachable outside-the-corrupt-two-party-system entity is sadly mistaken.

    • Anyone having a problem with Independent/Independence Party can always just write in Chris Marte. His name on this Ind’ line is so you don’t have to worry about correctly spelling his name.

  11. City Limits, a self-proclaimed “empowering communities” journalism site, disappointingly published a piece in defense of Councilwoman Margaret Chin’s displacement agenda, a piece of “factcheck” that doesn’t care about checking the facts. We don’t mind offering a little help. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, City Limits. See below for our response.


    • And here’s our response to that response: We’re very comfortable with our homework. We acknowledge in the story the ways in which Chin has left herself open to some of these charges, but also concluded that the wording of the charges was incorrect. Saying, for instance, that she failed to advocate strongly for the CWG or was too ready to accept an alternative–which might be fair–is very different from saying that she actively worked with de Blasio to reject the plan. Remember, we weren’t examining Chin’s record for how good or bad it was. We were examining the flyer’s accusations for how accurate they were, and we found them wanting on many points.

      There are nuances in the facts here that make neither allies of Councilmember Chin nor her opponents totally comfortable, and I’m glad we noted them, as that is our job. Empowering communities doesn’t mean simply nodding in agreement when elected officials or grassroots activists — however earnest or admirable–or even, on the larger issues, totally right–they might be — make disputable factual claims. We have to call that out.

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