5 thoughts on “All Hands On Deck to Stop Two Bridges Towers in Lower East Side

  1. This is outrageous this has far more environmental consciences and affects all city residents, This is a epidemic through out ny .And all city officials should be ran out of office for not protecting our neighborhood’s. Once again money is the root of this we need affordable housing not luxury eyesores!!.

  2. Why didn’t Councilwomen Chin IMMEDIATELY REJECT the 4 Towers Development FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, not simply require more “community input”, which, as we know all to well, is a total surrender to the developers? Why does councilwoman Chin need to make the mayor happy? It seems that many of her constituents are beginning to see through the smoke screen.

  3. Sometimes it’s the past that gives a better perspective on the present and the future.
    That area of Manhattan is a horizontal, “living” neighborhood now. A future mega vertical neighborhood would be as sterile as it sounds.
    People should review some of the controversy that erupted during the time Robert Moses was changing the “complexion” of neighborhoods across NYC. Or to be more precise- others people’s neighborhoods.
    Moses rammed through the Cross Bronx Expressway and cut through and destroyed viable middle class communities and for 50 years the Bronx was never the same. Highways are different from “high rises” but the impact to the character of communities is the same. It destroys neighborhoods.
    Moses was stopped when his obsession with highway development would have cut through the Manhattan foot of the Brooklyn Bridge with an expressway that would make a left turn at City Hall and eventually drive a bridge from the Battery to Staten Island.
    The drive for real estate profit has to be tempered with the real concerns of all the people in the area and the city.
    And it should be a concern of all New Yorkers what kind of city do we want- a cold sterile megalopolis of isolated people living far above the city or a city of viable neighborhoods of citizens caring and interacting with each other on a human, caring level?
    Moses was stopped when everyone in the city woke up and realized what was going on and what was at stake. Maybe it’s time for people to come out of our trances and look around at how the complexion of the city, as a whole, is being transformed.

  4. Enough glass towers,already . There can’t be that many upper income tenants,who really will live in them,to occupy all of these eyesores. This city is being sold to any and all developers,with no accomodation for an infrastructure that can support all of this…not to mention little or no truly affordable housing for the Rest of us.

  5. Enough is enough. These towers overburden the neighborhoods in which they are built. They bring with them retail blight which hurts the neighborhoods. Plus, they choke up the waterfront. Enough is enough!

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