3 thoughts on “City’s Homeless Shelter Cops Need More Training, Advocates Say

  1. DHS Police are not adequately trained or prepared for the city shelters. The main reason why officers leave is the pay. They do basically the same job as NYOD and Corrections, but get paid like security guards. The academy is a joke, there is no administrative work at Beavor St. Only 5 hrs training on nalocxin 4 hrs CPR the rest is people talking bout the job. Once you are at your site, it is the total opposite of what you were told

  2. Recent graduate, the pay is ridiculous 32,000 a year to maintain a shelter with people who are ex cons drug addicts and have mental issues. Every day your life is on the line. Training is not reality once u graduate. Your in a shelter with new recruits. It’s not worth the pay. Ready to go as soon as another job opportunity comes.

  3. Most of these Dhsp do need more training in areas of when there is no violations and criminal intent is being commited there is no reason for Dhsp to tackle shelter residents not only that they are violating the rights of homeless people but they are jepardizing the jobs of other officers. And I’d also like to mention a better pay and more representation from our union should be discussed. And why is it that I make a report that a Sargent is stealing time (and there is evidence in the logg book) I get punished and transferred to a undesirable site when they’re officers who get caught on camera beating up shelter residents, get transferred to calmer more desirable sites?

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