3 thoughts on “Queens Board Approves Rockaway Rezoning With Significant Conditions

  1. There is one aspect to redevelopment and increased housing that I did not see mentioned, that is public transportation. Subway service is difficult on a good day, with increasing numbers of delayed and skipped trains. Many more A trains go to Lefferts Boulevard than Far Rockaway. It is not unusual to wait 20 minutes to a half hour for a train during rush hour! Often trains are already filled prior to leaving the Rockaway Peninsula. Transportation upgrades must be built into rezoning plans if Far Rockaway is to become home to more commuters.

  2. I fear for residents like myself who live in Far Rockaway, who require medical treatment at St. John’s Hospital. It is a filthy, overcrowded poorly run Hospital and the emergency room awful! My elderly uncle was brought there when he fell and lay rotting in the emergency room there. The ER was filthy! Little airbourne bugs were flying all over the place. For the most part the staff was insensitive, short tempered and rude. After he laid in the ER for two days, I called the advocate to ask when he would be put into a room and the ER staff got snippy with me about my calling! Totally unprofessional and insensitive. When they went to help my uncle toilet their rough handling caused a wound to open on his thigh as he had very delicate skin at 98 years of age. We were not the exception either. Everyone in the terribly overcrowded ER was treated that way and had no recourse but to accept this treatment! Recently, I risked having an ambulance take my husband to South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside, when he suffered a heart attach rather then risk treatment at St. John’s Hospital! Thank the Lord for South Nassau Hospital. Like day and night! How in the world can we with good conscience allow this influx of new residents, many without means without addressing this problem.
    Don’t even get me started on the transportation issues! And schools!
    I laugh when these politicians speak about the “mix” of incomes needed in Far Rockaway. If a mix is needed then why isn’t more lower income housing put in Brooklyn Heights, Forest Hills, Park Slope etc. Yes people need homes, and we here are open to welcoming them, but they also need and deserve good services and support to keep them going in a healthy, well balanced state while growing up in these homes. Unfortunately we lack those services for the current population, let alone so many added residents.

  3. The coalición of The rockaways isnt surprised. By this they only gave The opposition 1 minute to speak all The concilman people signed up to. Speak cutting speaking time from 3 minutos to1 minute and when called didnt come up to speak they didnt really giveus public participation like the other neighborhood boards did with only 1 minute to speak they made me look bad however they still gave concessions thank to City limits giving US the coalition of the rockaways Bruce Jacobs coverage the coalition of the rockaways will continue to work to make sure this rezoning improves this neighborhood because we love our neighborhood we will makesure no corruption and greedy developers ruin our neighborhood.in rdc.nyc own booklet there is a man Holding a sign farrockaway needs more homeless shelters and a Modern. Police station. The coalition of the rockaways wants no shelters or hotel shelters and prisons dumped no them we. Want a hospital better transportation and better infurstucture we wants our bulkheads built up our beaches improved wewant buisnesses and developement not at. The residents expense we want cooruption and political favores elimated we had that problem before coalition of the rockaways chairman bruce jacobs

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