Downtown Far Rockaway


The New York City Economic Development Corporation has released a Downtown Far Rockaway Roadmap for Action and initiated the land-use review process.



Far Rock Panel Worry: Will There be Too Much Low-Income Housing?

In many neighborhoods facing rezoning, the concern is that too few low-income units will be required. Some Far Rockaways community board members are worried that an influx of poor people will harm the local economy.

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Reaction to City Announcing Right to Counsel in Housing Court

In the three days before the final State of the City address before he faces re-election, Mayor de Blasio unveiled two major shifts to address critics of his housing policies. On Friday, he revealed a major shift toward lower-income families in the allocation of units to be created under his housing plan. And on Sunday […]

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De Blasio Ups Number of Low-Income Units in Housing Plan

The number of units in the ten-year housing plan that target families making below $40,800 will be increased from 20 to 25 percent.

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How Other Cities are Fighting the Displacement so Many in NYC Fear

From Boston to Portland and in places like Vancouver and Sydney, local governments are taking aggressive steps to prevent development that uproots people of limited means.

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