Downtown Far Rockaway

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The New York City Economic Development Corporation has released a Downtown Far Rockaway Roadmap for Action and initiated the land-use review process.



Report: Rents Rose, But So Did Poverty

Rates of poverty and poverty concentration have increased in New York City after an earlier decline, according to the Furman Center—and some neighborhoods considering a rezoning experienced increased poverty and rising rents simultaneously.

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Data: Deep Housing Risks in Neighborhoods Facing Rezonings

A new chart shows the kind of factors that can undermine a neighborhood’s affordability, and many of the neighborhoods facing a rezoning already suffer the most risks.

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Concerns About Business Impact, Hope for Local Farms at Rockaways Hearing

Some residents are concerned that they amount of affordable housing will make it hard for businesses to find the customers they need. Others want city-owned land handed to local farmers, not developers.

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De Blasio Admin. Report on Housing Options Irks Advocates

The city promised to produce a study exploring housing tools besides mandatory inclusionary zoning. But its long-awaited report is devoted solely to knocking down an idea promoted by housing advocates.

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