Trump sizes up Trump.

Matt Johnson

Trump sizes up Trump.

Less than two weeks from the end of the strangest presidential campaign in anyone’s memory, the outcome seems to be getting easier to predict, with Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump in national polls and many battleground-state surveys. Of course, polls have been wrong before and while the most recent round of surveys agree on the general state of the race (Clinton is ahead) they are all over the map on estimating just how comfortable that margin is.

Fact is, the actual result of the election is just one nodule of suspense (or curiosity, or worry, or terror, depending on your perspective) as Election Day approaches. There is the question of whether the results will be accepted. There is the matter of control of the House and Senate, and there is the issue of how the resulting majorities in either house of Congress will or won’t work with whoever wins the presidency.

On the day after the final presidential debate, Ben Max from Gotham Gazette hosted Jeff Mays of DNAinfo, Azi Paybarah from Politico New York and yours truly on Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s “Represent NYC.” Watch to hear our respective takes on how the next 10 days might pan out.

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