7 thoughts on “No Backspace:
Fear and Loathing of Our Homeless Neighbors

  1. The lack of a focus on building housing that is affordable to the homeless is appalling. BdB ran on a platform of eliminating the “Two Cities.” But he’s done nothing of the sort since he came in. Instead, he’s a wolf (catering to developers) in sheep’s clothing (seeming liberal friend of the “masses”). Using AMI is fair? Upzoning is fair? His admin has the nerve to characterize 2.5K+ monthly rents as affordable? Really? Affordable for whom? How can we not blame deBlasio for what has happened since he took office – namely, what he said would happen, has not happened, so of course the number of homeless is expanding under BdB, rather than going down! BdB is another Mike Bloomberg in terms of catering to the developers, and this is exactly why he hasn’t been able to make a dent in the homeless population. The emphasis continues to be on luxury housing, with usually far too few (high-priced) affordable apartments mixed in. The lottery system epitomizes the degree of the housing crisis, which continues unabated under BdB.

    And the homeless population is the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of families in apartments that have no choice but to live doubled up because rents have climbed due to BdB’s pro-gentrification policies, and they can’t afford a place of their own. Why is infill LUXURY housing going up at Hallets Cove in Queens, Mr. de Blasio, when there is such a pressing need for housing for the homeless? Why didn’t you build infill housing the homeless could afford at Hallets Cove? Why?

    BdB has not been a friend to moderate income New Yorkers. The only “change” we see is more and more luxury developments going up, just like under the Rep admins, with very few so-called affordable apartments available by LOTTERY. This is unacceptable, and voters will look for a genuine, not sell-out, Democrat, to lead them when the Dem primaries of 2017 roll around.

    • Land and labor are so expensive in NYC that only luxury and near-luxury apartments can be built. There is no way that the city or any builder could afford to build low-rent units in Hallet’s Cove. There is no easy solution to this problem.

  2. I see both sides of this. But homeowners are understandably sensitive to homeless shelters opening in their neighborhoods due to the increase in crime and disruptive behavior, that usually follows.

  3. There is no idea to give housing to anyone who is low income or poor. Vicky Been should be exposed as a NAZI operative. Same thing in the Bronx with the rezoning plan for Jerome Avenue, it all came out at the Bronx Gentrification forum on Sunday. They want to destroy all the auto shops and machine tool businesses. Instead they will destroy it, and then they will not even have the money to build anything…. even if they did, 80/20 is a joke. Even the 20% have to make $69,000 a year. The speculators want their real estate because under Dodd-Frank banking law, the bail in is when the depositors’ money is confiscated. Really is a Glass Steagall Act a la Franklin Roosevelt of 1933 now, a bankruptcy reorganization protection of people and business. Otherwise we will have mass death, mass homelessness, a horror show.

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