3 thoughts on “New York Posts Fourth-Largest Job Growth in U.S.

  1. Funked Statistics did you?

    You didn’t adjust for the population of those states, North Dakota lead the nation in job creation! Do the math!

    North Dakota isn’t #36 like your list shows, but #1!!!! Of course, they had less jobs than California, but when you factor in that CA has 37,253,956 people, and North Dakota has 672,591, well that makes a HUGE difference. They had almost 2% growth per person, where CA only had 1.29% And states like Illinois which you list in the #10 spot, belong in the #36 spot!

    And of the states reporting growth, Pennsylvania is really dead last.

    Good job slanting the news.

    The correct order is:

    North Dakota, Utah, Washington, Florida, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho

    And then:

    Texas, California, #9and #10 -Hardly leaders!

    and Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona
    Delaware, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Michigan, Iowa
    South Dakota, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, New York, Arkansas
    Nebraska, Connecticut, Ohio, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico
    Alabama, Illinois, New Jersey, Kansas, Pennsylvania

    • I like the sound of “funking” statistics, as you say. George Clinton singing about p-values and such. Sounds awesome.

      To your point, adjusting for population does cast the numbers in a different and interesting way. But if you’re on the move and looking for a job, do you go to the state that has relatively few new jobs (but a high growth rate because it’s a small state) or a big bunch of jobs, because it’s a bigger state? Obviously, bigger markets have more competition. But still, it is probably significant on a practical level that NY has created 10 times as many jobs as North Dakota.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with North Dakota. I almost moved there as a kid. We had brochures all over the house asking “Why Not Minot?” Why not, indeed?

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