Final Menu of Nov. 5 Races in the Bronx

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East Bronx Councilman James Vacca, who could be the next Council speaker, faces Republican/Conservative William Britt in the general election.

Photo by: William Alatriste/NYC Council

East Bronx Councilman James Vacca, who could be the next Council speaker, faces Republican/Conservative William Britt in the general election.

With a huge Democratic registration advantage, the Bronx is a tough place for Republican office-seekers. But unlike in other boroughs, at least the GOP is trying here.

All 11 municipal offices tied to the Bronx—the borough presidency and 10 City Council seats—have both Democratic and Republican candidates as well as contestants from other parties. The race for a lone Assembly seat (the one vacated by the indicted Nelson Castro) also offers voters a range of choices.

That’s not the case in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, where six Council candidates are running totally unopposed and another 16 face no Republican opposition. Staten Island, like the Bronx, has a contest—at least on paper—for every seat.

Below is the list of Bronx candidates vying for municipal office. To see the full list of candidates for citywide and judicial offices, and to read the slew of ballot questions, go here. To find out who’s on the ballot you’ll see at the polls, click here.

  • Borough President
    Democratic Ruben Diaz Jr.
    Republican Elizabeth V. Perri
    Conservative Elizabeth V. Perri
    Working Families Ruben Diaz Jr.
    Independence Mark Escoffery-Bey
    Green Carl Lundgren
    War Veterans Mark Escoffery-Bey
  • Member of the City Council – 8th Council District
    Democratic Melissa Mark-Viverito
    Republican Ralina M. Cardona
    Working Families Melissa Mark-Viverito
    Libertarian Christopher R. Giattino
  • Member of the City Council – 11th Council District
    Democratic Andrew Cohen
    Republican Patricia Brink
    Conservative William Kalaidjian
    Working Families Andrew Cohen
    Green John Reynolds
    School Choice Cheryl Keeling
  • Member of the City Council – 12th Council District
    Democratic Andy L. King
    Republican Robert L. Diamond
    Conservative Robert L. Diamond
    Working Families Andy L. King
    Green Trevor Archer
  • Member of the City Council – 13th Council District
    Democratic James Vacca
    Republican William E. Britt
    Conservative William E. Britt
  • Member of the City Council – 14th Council District
    Democratic Fernando Cabrera
    Republican Denise E. Butler
    Conservative Alan H. Reed 2
    Working Families Fernando Cabrera
  • Member of the City Council – 15th Council District
    Democratic Ritchie J. Torres
    Republican Joel R. Rivera
    Conservative Joel M. Bauza
    Working Families Ritchie J. Torres
  • Member of the City Council – 16th Council District
    Democratic Vanessa L. Gibson
    Republican Benjamin Eggleston
    Conservative Benjamin Eggleston
    Independence Carlos M. Sierra
    Jobs & Education Walter L. Newsome Jr.
  • Member of the City Council – 17th Council District
    Democratic Maria Del Carmen Arroyo
    Republican Jose A. Colon
    Conservative Selsia Evans
  • Member of the City Council – 18th Council District
    Democratic Annabel Palma
    Republican Lamont L. Paul
    Conservative Eduardo Ramirez
    Working Families Annabel Palma
    Green Walter Nestler
    Jobs & Education William Russell Moore
    Progressive Walter Nestler
  • Member of the City Council – 22nd Council District
    Democratic Costa G. Constantinides
    Republican Daniel P. Peterson
    Conservative Danielle M. De Stefano
    Working Families Costa G. Constantinides
    Independence Danielle M. De Stefano
    Green Lynne Serpe
    Populist Gerald F. Kann
  • Member of the Assembly – 86th Assembly District
    Democratic Victor Pichardo
    Republican Rene L. Santos
    Conservative Jose Marte Sr.
    Working Families Victor Pichardo
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