2 thoughts on “From Mom to Not in Seven Minutes: Inside Family Court

  1. The author makes it sound like being adopted is better for children than being in foster care! What is wrong with staying with foster parents until they reach 18? They receive the food, shelter and clothing they need and are cared for by people who are supposed to be screened and checked up on by the court and social services – that is way better than getting those things from adoptive parents with nobody checking up on them. Also with foster care nobody is trying to force the kids to refer to the foster parents as their parents – they have parents already and the fact that they are not such great parents does not mean that they are not their parents – it’s demeaning to force kids to take the name of adoptive parents and to have their first name become their middle name. Renaming and and the re-issuance of birth certificates makes it difficult for people to find their relatives if adopted out. Why should a person be forced to loose their identity and name and legal kinship in their family just because their parents are not raising them? Foster kids age out of the system with all their rights intact while still having been cared for by people other than their parents. Also while in foster care there is still attempts at contact and reunification without any termination of their kinship rights. All around its far better for there to be no adoption at all considering what a person has to loose in terms of legal rights and legal identity if adopted. The state only wants ‘permanency’ so that it can offload the expense of paying to help support kids in foster care well that is a horrible reason to strip people of their rights!

    Foster care is a much fairer to the minor whose parents are not raising them.

    • Because not having a family with you for your adult life is no way to grow up. Ask any kid who ages out of the Foster Care system and they’ll tell you what it’s like. When dealing with the challenges of early adulthood these young adults have no one to turn to.

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