First, it was an excess amount of lead in the soil. Now, it’s dead bodies. (OK, technically, one body.)

Yesterday, workers at Harris Field in Bedford Park discovered a man’s decomposing body. Parks Department officials, members of the NYPD’s mobile crime scene unit and officials from the Office of the City’s Medical Examiner were in the park, at Bedford Park Boulevard and Paul Avenue for most of the day on Thursday trying to figure out what happened.

The park, located between Lehman College and the Bronx High School of Science, has been undergoing a rehabilitation project for at least the last year and-a-half, but the project stalled last fall after contaminants were found in the dirt. The park has been closed off to the public because of the contamination and recently the Parks Department closed the park’s inner gates because people were easily bypassing the weak chain-link fence surrounding the fields and continuing to use the park.

Investigators at this time believe the man was homeless and are investigating his identity and the cause of his death.

-Photo and Reporting by David Greene