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FYI: Miguel Malo, president of the Student Senate at Hostos Community College in the Bronx, comes before a Bronx County Criminal Court judge today on charges of disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer. According to Ron McGuire, Malo’s attorney, the student leader was the one assaulted when he was arrested by campus security officers while holding up a sign protesting campus cuts in bilingual and Spanish programs during registration in 2001. “CUNY has been using its peace officers as a political force against student demonstrators,” McGuie charged. “Miguel Malo was arrested for exercising his Constitutional rights. We will prove that the charges against him are completely unfounded.” McGuire is also representing Malo and six other students at four CUNY colleges in a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging that CUNY uses its peace officers to harass students. [9/25/03]

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