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FYI: Medical assistance for people with AIDS just got a little more accessible. Last week, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors reached an agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb that will save the cash-strapped AIDS Drug Assistance Programs up to $65 million (about 20 percent of that in New York). The company joins a number of other drug manufacturers who are offering states rebates and freezing or reducing their prices for various HIV and related medications. The agreement came as many ADAPs have stopped covering new drugs and are putting state residents on waitlists to get into the program. New York's program has not had to take such steps, but has warned that cost-cutting measures will soon be necessary. The feds came through with funding to keep the state-run programs alive this year, but Congress is considering a bill that would reduce spending next year–and put New York back where it was this spring. [8/13/03]

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