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Thanks for all your survey responses–especially your compliments! In more than one hundred surveys you sent back, you gave us lots of good suggestions: more City Hall politics, more Albany politics, more follow-up, more calendar items, more of everything.

Many of you liked the “attitude” and the “pithy,” “outspoken” coverage, although one reader did rap our knuckles for being too smart-alecky. (Point taken.) And, in a demographic mystery, a surprising number of you owned up to being fans of Entertainment Weekly.

What did you all like best about the City Limits Weekly (besides that it’s free, of course)?

“The Dirt,” one respondent wrote. “City news, political corruption and intrigue,” said another. But some were more practical: “I can read it fast and delete it!”

Thank you for giving us feedback. We’ll be using your responses to keep improving the Weekly and to redesign our website at

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