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Former Silk Stocking councilman Charles Millard, currently head of the city’s Economic Development Corporation, must dread sojourns back to his old legislative haunts.

Appearing before the City Council’s development committee last Tuesday, the East Side Republican was treated to anything but a collegial homecoming. Shortly after Millard sat down in front of the microphone with his retinue of aides, Brooklyn Democrat Ken Fisher interrogated him on the particulars of Council Speaker Peter Vallone’s proposed tax breaks for small businesses. “What’s your response?” Fisher queried.

“I can’t (respond) because I have only seen a press release,” the EDC chief claimed. “No one has called or mailed me anything.”

Fisher shot back by reminding Millard that the council staff had sent a 30-page synopsis of Vallone’s proposal to his office.

The EDC chief offered no response.

After a heated 20-minute exchange between Millard and Westside Democrat Ronnie Eldridge, Councilmember Una Clarke lit into Millard over “a lack of communication between EDC and elected officials.” A grave Clarke added: “You need to invite me (to future meetings) so I don’t have to organize against what you do.”

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