Opinion: Fare Hike is the Wrong Approach to MTA’s Financial Woes

“If New York’s city and state leaders truly prioritize a society where social equity as well as environmental sustainability are fundamental values, discussion of subway and bus fare increases would not be on the table. And if the overarching goal is to bring riders back to the nation’s greatest public transit system, why disincentivize them with higher fares?”

In Wake of Rezonings, Renewed Call for More Health Facilities on Hospital-Starved Rockaway Peninsula

Residential rezonings, including one approved this summer for Edgemere, are poised to bring thousands of new apartments to the Rockaways over the next decade, but just a single hospital has served the peninsula since 2012. A new task force is being asked to create a roadmap for expanding local healthcare services, including a facility that offers trauma care.

Opinion: NYC’s COVID Recovery Requires an Indoor Air Revolution

“Though outdoors strategies are a great and necessary option, there remains a serious need for innovation and creativity to generate excellent air quality in spaces that are enclosed, covered, or conventionally ‘indoors’ and hold more than groups of 10. From elevators to heated tents, indoor air quality will be a significant factor in our society’s health care.”

Muertes por COVID-19 por raza y etnia tras la primera ola en la ciudad de Nueva York

City Limits utilizó la Ley de Libertad de Información (Freedom of Information Law o FOIL por sus siglas en inglés) para obtener datos del Departamento de Salud e Higiene Mental de la ciudad de Nueva York sobre las muertes semanales de COVID-19 por raza/etnia desde septiembre de 2020 -cuando acababa de pasar la primera oleada- hasta finales de julio de 2022.