NYCHA Blames Dreary Financial Outlook on $454 Million in Unpaid Pandemic Rent

More than 73,000 NYCHA households are behind on rent, what officials say will force the public housing authority to draw from operating reserves and make other cuts in the year ahead—and could potentially hamper its repair plans. Meanwhile, the state’s already-exhausted Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) to aid New Yorkers in rent arrears is unlikely to reach NYCHA.

Opinion: Fare Hike is the Wrong Approach to MTA’s Financial Woes

“If New York’s city and state leaders truly prioritize a society where social equity as well as environmental sustainability are fundamental values, discussion of subway and bus fare increases would not be on the table. And if the overarching goal is to bring riders back to the nation’s greatest public transit system, why disincentivize them with higher fares?”

City’s Street Vendors Saw Twice as Many Tickets This Year Compared to Pre-Pandemic, With NYPD Leading Enforcement

In 2019, when the police were the sole enforcer, the NYPD issued 1,812 tickets versus 2,499 in the first nine months of this year, with almost half (48.6 percent) doled out in the last quarter. In just nine months, the NYPD and the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) have issued 3,884 tickets to vendors, more than double the number of tickets made in 2019.

Situación de trabajadores de demolición revela fallos en la aplicación de la nueva ley estatal de seguridad

Según la Ley HERO de Nueva York, los trabajadores pueden solicitar la creación de un comité de seguridad en el lugar de trabajo para evaluar la eficacia de los protocolos de seguridad y exponer problemas de salud, entre otras tareas. Pero hasta ahora, los trabajadores tienen pocos recursos cuando los empleadores incumplen la ley. Una enmienda a la ley que está a la espera de la firma de la gobernadora crearía sanciones más estrictas en caso de incumplimiento.