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Several Chinese restaurants, like Bamboo Garden in Brooklyn, have closed temporarily amid the coronavirus outbreak. (World Journal)

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Translated by Rong Xiaoqing

Several Chinese restaurants in Sunset Park have decided to close temporarily to prevent coronavirus from spreading and to relieve economic pressure on their businesses, as restaurants in Chinese neighborhoods have been especially hard hit during the epidemic.

Some restaurant owners feel they have no choice but to close for now, as customers shun away from dining out, previously booked banquets have canceled and both employees and customers are worried about their safety.

A post at the door of the Bamboo Garden Restaurant says the restaurant would temporarily close starting March 6, but customers could still call to book tables for the future. The eatery’s manager, Mr. Moy, said the decision was made for the safety of the community, given that the epidemic is getting worse in New York. He said he doesn’t know when the restaurant will reopen, but rebutted a rumor circulating in the community about a confirmed case with an employee there. Mr. Moy called for the public to follow official updates from the authorities and to not believe rumors.    

Park Asia, which closed on March 9, was facing a similar situation. Pin Gu, who is in charge of operations there, said that the number of customers has dropped drastically since the epidemic started. Many previously booked tables were cancelled, and employees and customers were all worried. So the restaurant made the tough decision to close. 

While Golden Imperial Palace was still open, employee John Chen said the restaurant will disinfect intensely to guarantee the safety of employees and customers. Chen iterated that the authorities haven’t required any restaurant to close for the epidemic.