2 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment Have Both Plummeted in Bushwick

  1. This sort of lazy, “hand-fed” statistical reporting only serves to promote gentrification. Point-in-fact: lawlessness was a citywide phenomenon in the “bad-old” days. The rampant dumping of drugs and environmental waste in low-income communities certainly didn’t help. Slumlords, government redlining, and “benign neglect” on the part of city agencies are also what led to those stats you cite. Do your homework; be more nuanced. Stop repeating city hall’s pro-rezoning mantra. As Larry Davis once said: “The police sell drugs too!”

    • What exactly do you dispute? I am confused. Does the fact that statistics indicate people of color are still disproportionately stopped mean we should not talk about statistics? Does the fact that crime has fallen mean redlining didn’t occur?

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