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The blue wave across New York State had long-time Republican State Sen. Marty Golden treading water Tuesday night—but not yet willing to swim into the sunset.

According to preliminary results from the New York State Board of Elections, Democrat Andrew Gounardes received 29,182 votes to Golden’s 28,527, with 59,029 ballots cast overall. The margin of 655 votes represented a margin of 1.1 percent.

In a statement released just after midnight, Gounardes—a lawyer for Brooklyn borough president who challenged Golden and lost by a substantial margin six years ago—thanked Golden for his service. “Despite our differences we both agree that public service is truly a privilege. Tomorrow begins a new chapter,” Gounardes said. “I look forward to giving the constituents of District 22 a real voice in Albany.”

Gounardes vowed to deliver on promises of “real results for working families, including, quality, affordable health care, fully funded public schools, speed cameras in every school zone, reproductive choice for all women, lower housing costs, and accessible and reliable public transit.”


Andrew Gounardes

But Golden, a highly-decorated police officer forced from the NYPD by injury who served on the City Council before being elected to the Senate in 2002, did not accept his rival’s gratitude. In a speech to supporters, he said there are still 3,000 paper ballots to be counted. “This is not over,” he assured them.

In a brief interview after his speech, Golden told City Limits that it will likely take lawyers another week or so to review those outstanding ballots. “God is good. Whatever happens, happens. I do believe I’m going to win this, I hope for my community and for the people I represent, for this great state, I do win, and we’ll see what happens.”

Jeanmarie Evelly

The scene at Golden's election-night party, where love for him ran deep.

Golden has survived as a Republican in New York City even as the state, city and his own district saw Democratic registration gains outpace those of the GOP. As other urban Republicans like Frank Padavan, Serphin Maltese and Guy Velella faded from the scene, Golden held on, despite a reputation for off-color remarks and gaffes.

Earlier on Election Night, supporters at Golden’s results-watching event explained the roots of his popularity. “He really gets involved — he doesn’t just sit around the office,” said Frances Mignano, who was born and raised in Golden’s district and currently lives in Bergen Beach. She describes herself as an independent voter, and said she supports the senator not because of his political affiliation but for “his morals, his ethics, his character, his values.”

“I vote for people that I believe in; it’s not about a party, it’s about a person,” she said.

Mignano and her friend, Bensonhurst resident Maria Campanella, donned “Marty Golden” campaign banners draped around their torsos, jokingly referring to themselves as the “Golden Girls.” Campanella said Golden’s decades of experience in the neighborhood is what makes him an asset.

“He already knows our community inside out. Without him—God forbid,” she said.

Jeanmarie Evelly

Frances Mignano, who was born and raised in Golden's district and currently lives in Bergen Beach, and Bensonhurst resident Maria Campanella at Golden HQ.

19 thoughts on “Senate Veteran Marty Golden Not Conceding Despite Trailing Democrat Gounardes

  1. Your time is over! Concede already! This district is Blue and you no longer fit here! LEAVE! We don’t want you and your ALEC sponsored bills here! Get out!

    • Your comment is both rude and uninformed. Native Bay Ridge residents love Marty for his dual ability to be involved in community goings-on while giving the neighborhood a strong voice in Albany. Senator Golden has stood for Bay Ridge through post-9/11 security worries, the financial crisis, restructuring of the MTA, and much more. Replacing him with a novice will surely erode Bay Ridge residents’ political power in Albany.

      Moreover, a leftward shift in the State Senate might push Governor Cuomo to abandon his traditional budgetary conservatism — especially as he solidifies his liberal bona fides ahead of a likely Presidential bid. More taxes and budget deficits for NY will only accelerate the drain of our economic power and vitality to places like Texas!

      Keep fighting Marty! I voted for you on my absentee ballot.

      • Marty … helped terminate a very successful program of speed cameras in school zones. RIP Abigail Blumenstein and Joshua Lew who were killed in Brooklyn this year by a driver who had almost as many speed camera violations as Marty’s car did.

    • Why don’t you get the hell out you weren’t born in this district we support cops here not marijuana smoking liberals like you.

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  4. Take a leap off a short pier B ,Marty has lived in Bay Ridge all his life and has common sense. Sounds to me your just a bitter cool aid drinker. How dare you tell Marty to leave.He served this community with courage and dignity. What have you done big mouth! I suggest you take in some oxygen,your pea brain needs some asap.

  5. Marty Golden’s time is not over. Marty is most intelligent, passionate, kind and very diligent in representing the grateful citizens he represents. NEVER GIVE UP MARTY. You are better than any new would-be senator who will never do what you have done in these many years, never devote all the time and attention to us all and will never put the time in with patience and fortitude, guaranteed. We love you Marty. and we pray you will be in Brooklyn representing us as you have so ably done in the past for many more healthy and happy years.

  6. This district is not all blue ! People shouldn’t speak for others . Never tell another they no longer for here. Marty Golden it ain’t over till it’s over ? Good luck ! Thank You

  7. This retired NYC teacher wishes State Sen. Martin Golden good health in retirement. He has certainly been no friend to teachers. Years ago he advocated doing away with teacher seniority in determining layoffs and excessing. Would he advocate the same for police officers? Now, he wanted student test scores to be tied to teacher evaluations. Very fair.
    Against rent control and rent stabilization. As for abortion, that’s the decision of the woman and man directly involved. This should never be a political issue.

  8. This is what happens when you have decades of unchecked third world immigration. Throw in the massive anti white propaganda from the controlled media and fake academia not to mention billions spent on ads by democrats..Even a good guy like Golden gets beat by a leftist..Not sure if Marty wants to run again in 4 years but the truth is nyc is a vile left wing dump..Even anti white leticia james in the new Attorney General.Basically a black lies matter communist put in mostly from the evil nyc vote. Overall Trump won though if you look at history and the midterms. New York is basically done but not America!

  9. Golden has a strong anti labor and anti woman voting record. His pro fracking leanings show that he favors business over safety and health. He must retire!

    • Anti woman record? lol..Only a dummy would buy that. You mean he favors not murdering babies? Is that part of your muh pro woman message? Marty is pro human by being tough on crime and pro life unlike most democrats.

      Unions? lmao. You mean those great folks who have helped to make this city a broke dump? Golden was simply being an adult with unions. Nyc cannot even stop raising train and bus fares nor bridge and tunnels thanks to muh unions. Thus New York once again will be losing more political clout after the 2020 census. Say goodbye to another congressional seat. No loss, really. New York? Yes you have become one giant dump…..again. You peaked under Rudy and its been a slow dive ever since.

      • You do realize that crime is lower, tourism is up, the population has risen and the number of jobs has increased since Giuliani left office and even since Michael Bloomberg departed, right? Where is this urban hell you describe?

  10. I’m a Democrat a voted for Marty Golden bc idiots smoke weed on my block early evening when children and families are going home and cops have no power to stop this. This loser smoked up in his car with no current registration. All thanks to Mayor’s “progressive” ideas. The trend for Democrats in Albany are progressive liberals and Billy moderate republicans to vote with them or be accused of being a “fraud” that is not true democracy. That’s not the democracy I believe in. Ever wonder why Andrew’s win in a “blue” state is within the margin of error?

  11. God Bless Dearest Marty Golden for his all the best that he doing for our community;for Russian,non Russian,Italian,for those who really needs his incredible power! Thank you thousand,and billions for your heart,kindness,and everything that you are with us! You are incredible divine handsome,man,and I had great pleasure to wrote you some letter in 2018,-2019 to stop aggressively provocations from Chinese,and New Utrecht Manager against our people! And you did so much for all of us! You are too the best ever Senator in the World! Your Sincerely permanent resident in USA Marina Sinitskaya

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