John Marino

Syracuse, the fifth largest city in New York State.

This state election season, candidates for office are going to talk about the issues that matter to them, or that they think matter to the groups of voters they hope to sway. News outlets like City Limits will cover the issues editors and reporters believe merit attention.

In 2018, City Limits wanted to add a third source: voters and other residents of New York State. So we asked readers to volunteer to go on camera and explain, briefly, why the issue that matters to them is important and what they want to see done to address it.

Ocesa Keaton, a Syracuse resident, was the first to take us up on the offer. Her video op-ed, produced by Marc Bussanich, is below. If you want to be next, just fill out the form that follow.

Whether in video or text form, CityViews are readers’ opinions, and not necessarily those of City Limits. But we’re proud to present them as part of conversation about the future of our city and state.