Jarrett Murphy

Brooklyn BP Eric Adams had nicer things to say about Mayor de Blasio than he did about Governor Cuomo.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams depicted an endorsement of Cynthia Nixon to be as likely as one of Andrew Cuomo, defended the police shooting of Saheed Vassell, described the city’s approach to childhood nutrition as “dysfunctional” and said NYCHA should consider doing gut rehabs as opposed to trying to repair individual elements of its aging buildings.

On Tuesday’s Max & Murphy podcast, the former NYPD captain and state senator also argued passionately for full public financing of elections, defended Mayor de Blasio’s performance and denounced what he said was a disparity between state support for the Bronx versus Brooklyn.

And he sketched out his case for becoming mayor in 2022, a bid he has not officially announced but is clearly considering very seriously.

Adams stressed that any gut rehab of NYCHA would have to involve “zero displacement” and bemoaned what he depicted as political posturing over the cash-strapped system: “People have discovered there is a thing called NYCHA. They’re walking through. I don’t know where they have been all these years. The problems at NYCHA aren’t new. The state abandoned it. The feds abandoned it.” And those are the parties that have to fund its recovery, he indicated.

As for his likely mayoral run, Adams said his argument would be based upon a critique of current city operations. The problem, he indicated, is not a lack of needed policies or programs but a lack of communication and precision in the way government works in the city.