8 thoughts on “NYPD’s Neighborhood Policing Meetings Aren’t Reaching Intended Audience

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  3. NYPD spends a fortune on Faux public relations but truth is too many of us are victims of NYPD crimes. In my case throw in Internal Affairs crime and top brasses complicity — again that is my case and too many others. Zachary Carter sent in lawyers to lie in court for the NYPD IA – the NYPD have no integrity or shame and act like legal mafia.

  4. I attend the precinct Community Council meetings, and I’ve been to a number of the NCO meetings, so I feel qualified to offer a comment or two.

    Yes, there are (relatively) few attendees. And they tend to be older, but they are representative of my community. The issues raised are similar to the issue that come up at our civic association meetings (I’m on the board).

    The biggest issue is the DOT’s refusal to comply with various aspects of the Vehicle and Traffic Law. There is little that the police can do about that, except not enforce unlawful DOT actions.

    But let me turn the discussion around. This program, as almost all current policing practices, were developed by Mario Selvagi when he commanded the 101 precinct. He provided NYPD vans to transport people to community activities. He assigned officers to where there were crime hot spots (shades of Compstat – but we couldn’t get the NYPD MIS department to cooperate then).

    But the NYPD is increasingly bureaucratic. There is little that a precinct commander can do about the behavior of traffic enforcement officers, or school “safety” agents, or even officers assigned to the only subway line in the precinct. I see that as a problem. And it is even a problem that the Borough commander has little control over. So bureaucracy is a serious NYPD problem. And this in a Patrol Borough where the Chief refers to the citizens who live in the area as his constituents.

  5. perhaps if the meetings were listed in the newspapers, on the radio, news on tv we all would go I know I will! why not have it on a Saturday around 3 pm so all can join in all over NYC. ill join my pct.

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  8. How can police heal the divide when they *are* the divide? The reason most of us don’t come us because we dare not enter the lion’s den. Laying down with the lamb doesn’t turn the lion into a llama.

    These meetings are nothing more than a recruitment fair for informants. Their call for “unity” is a transparent demand for compliance. However, most of us are smart enough to know that no amount of chitchat and coffee with the local armed wing of the state will save us if they decide to set their sights on us.

    I’ll show up when abolishing the police is on the agenda.

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