7 thoughts on “Vibrant Opposition at BP’s Inwood Rezoning Hearing

  1. The “local property owner” has property that stands to get rezoned (and revalued) from zero residential use to 11 stories of apartments; that may have colored his new-found passion for affordable housing.

    • If most residents are opposed to the re-zoning then Rodriguez should veto the plan. Ditto for all the upcoming rezonings. Local residents and their elected officials know their own neighborhood best. Not any city agency and surely not our inept mayor Bill deBlasio.

    • Doesn’t make me wrong, you can’t finance the construction and maintenance of affordable units without market rate units.

  2. I believe the total number of new units expected to be created by the suddenly urgent need to rezone sleepy and happy Inwood is in excess of 10,000.

    Let me ask this: where is the new classroom space for all the new resident’s school-aged children expected to move to Inwood?

    The city has so few opportunities to leverage the building of classroom space on Manhattan soil, they should not be creating such a bulk quantity of brand new air rights without leveraging the appropriate number of classrooms/schools.

    • The deBlasio administration is not considering what all this new construction will do to the city’s aging infrastructure particularly NYC’s 100+ year old water/sewer systems. It will take a crisis like dangerous drops in water pressure for our idiot mayor to pay any attention to this issue.

  3. “If we don’t do anything, we will keep adding the number of residents, close now to 10,000, that are being priced out of Brooklyn, West Side, and other areas…”

    This is totally backwards from what we’ve seen in the last 15-20 years. Displaced residents of rezoned areas relocate to other areas into driving up gentrification.

  4. I applaud the residents of Dyckman, They have demonstrated that despite all the flowery rhetoric coming from council member Rodriguez and his real estate fear to monger, the residents arent buying it and if they go down, they are sure taking everyone with them.


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