Office of the Manhattan Borough President

After the hearing, Borough President Brewer will make an advisory recommendation on the city's proposal. Next will come binding votes by the Planning Commission and City Council.

The Inwood rezoning entered the next phase of public review on April 10 with a hearing hosted by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer at I.S. 218. Watch the video here:

2 thoughts on “Video: Key Hearing on Proposed Inwood Rezoning

  1. Mrs .Brewer will like to know what should I said to my child with special needs when I can’t afford to live in place he grew up because I can’t make the amount of income that you require to live in the new rezoning you making?

    • The rezoning is not going to make Inwood more expensive, it will become more expensive regardless due to location. What the rezoning could provide is additional affordable housing.

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