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The New York City Economic Development Corporation has initiated the environmental review process for its proposed rezoning of Inwood.


Adi Talwar

Inwood will likely be the fifth neighborhood to be rezoned by the de Blasio administration.


De Blasio’s Sixth Year in Office Could Feature Three Neighborhood Rezonings

The mayor in 2015 set a goal of rezoning up to 15 neighborhoods in a drive to create more density and more affordable housing. Five rezonings have passed and at least three are likely to move forward in 2019.

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Lawsuit Cites Flaws in Environmental Review, Seeks Annulment of Inwood Rezoning

The challenge contends the Inwood rezoning’s environmental impact study missed important factors such as the impact on preferential rent leases, racial displacement, and minority- and women-owned businesses.

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Council Weighs Commercial Rent Regs 3 Decades After First Attempt

Over the decades, supporters of the bill have faced questions about its legality and economic impact, and it has generated strong opposition from the real-estate lobby.

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Councilmember Explains his Personal Protest Against Mayor’s Rezonings

Almost lost in the drama of the Council’s final votes on the Inwood rezoning was one member’s vow not to negotiate any more changes to the zoning map until the city committed to study the effect of revisions so far.

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