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The City Council approved the Inwood rezoning in August, 2018.


Adi Talwar

Inwood will likely be the fifth neighborhood to be rezoned by the de Blasio administration.


Inwood After

Inwood Seeing New City Programs and Developer Interest 1 Year After Rezoning

Inwood’s rhythms and feel seem unchanged a year after the rezoning. But physical changes are underway, with more to come.

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Which NYC Neighborhoods Face the Steepest Displacement Threat?

According to a new report, many of the neighborhoods that show signs of deep vulnerability are where a rezoning has occurred or is in the offing. Is new density the cause or the cure of that pressure?

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De Blasio’s Sixth Year in Office Could Feature Three Neighborhood Rezonings

The mayor in 2015 set a goal of rezoning up to 15 neighborhoods in a drive to create more density and more affordable housing. Five rezonings have passed and at least three are likely to move forward in 2019.

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Lawsuit Cites Flaws in Environmental Review, Seeks Annulment of Inwood Rezoning

The challenge contends the Inwood rezoning’s environmental impact study missed important factors such as the impact on preferential rent leases, racial displacement, and minority- and women-owned businesses.

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