10 thoughts on “Council Report Lays Out Agenda to Address NYC’s Segregation

  1. Brad Lander feels that our city needs to be integrated. Let’s start with his neighborhood of Park Slope district which is overwhelming white, and of course, of the liberal-socialist mentality who believe in NIMBY (not in my back yard) and everything which they can do to protect their precious food co-op. If Lander stopped driving his car in order to set an example to help our environment and started walking around other council districts, he would find a well integrated, balance good of neighborhoods of people of different religions, races and nationalities. Lander and his fellow councilpeople need to find issues to better our city instead of regurgitating things from the past that have been resolved in order to gain publicity with his non-existent so called progressives. Lander can start with restoring the F Train Express in Brooklyn, followed up with ending waste in government by having the city council reduce its overly bloated and useless staff, ending the abuse of the sanitation enforcement agents ticketing property owners, and instead of throwing more money down the drain in our school system, look to cut waste such as the excessive number of school supervisors and pre-pre K classes.

  2. “It is uncomfortable for many white New Yorkers to acknowledge the ways that segregated schools and neighborhoods amount to hoarding privilege,”…..

    If any group should be uncomfortable about anything it’s black New Yorkers who have to deal with the fact that since 1960 whole neighborhoods endured crime waves and destruction as blacks moved in. Flatbush, East Flatbush, Brownsville, East New York. The white middle-class fled these neighborhoods for reasons of personal safety. No neighborhood gets better when blacks move in. Liberals like Brad Lander don’t want to hear this but it is what happened.

    • Substitute Irish, Polish, Italian or Chinese for the word “black” and this remarkable statement would have resonated in earlier decades. Among other things, how do you explain that crime dropped in those areas from 1990-2010 long before any significant number of whites moved in?

  3. Listening to the opposition of the Inwood rezonings – they don’t want to integrate. They want only housing the “community” can afford and they don’t even want low income people from other neighborhoods to be able to apply for that new housing. Even outside of affordable housing, they hate the idea of outsiders coming in and changing things. Anyone who thinks that change would be good in anyway is instantly booed and ridiculed like their opinion shouldn’t matter. It’s borderline xenophobic rhetoric that you would expect to hear in Trumplandia not NYC.

  4. I love the discussion, it is a worthy one. I would like to see an income correlation to take this beyond the obvious- segregation’s bad. I believe the issue here is more about income inequality, poverty and lack of fair share siting. I don’t know if blacks want to live in white neighborhoods or vise versa- most regardless of race want to be treated fairly and live in peace

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