4 thoughts on “With De Blasio Rezonings, City’s Scarce Industrial Land Becomes Scarcer

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  2. Huge storage facilities and hotels are a problem in IBZs. Also IBZs tend to make some communities, i.e. South Bronx, a permanent dumping ground for dirty energy, waste related and trucking intensive businesses.

    The Mayor should expose Cuomo’s southern South Bronx shoreline dumping ground- the Harlem River Rail Yards- a NYSDOT property leased for 99 years to donor Francesco Galesi- as beyond almost any realm of transparency or local good.

  3. De Blaiso’s first Gowanus rezoning whet through in 2009 when he was the local councilman. It was a two block area along the banks of the industrial canal, next to the historic Carroll St Bridge. De Blasio and Bloomberg were in lock step on rezoning this and all Gowanus.

    The new zoning was “Mixed-Use”, appeasing the local businesses that saw the business evictions that underway in order to make way for the “new.” That property is now built full out, 100% residential, with some like a small yoga studio to claim the use is mixed.

    The vision these politicians, and the developers that fund their careers, have for the people of this city, isn’t one where we work and create things to meet our needs locally, but one where we all must look to Amazon and the UPS delivery for our needs. These new spaces which we are asked to aspire to live in, the new buildings the developers are putting up sure are clean and new, but also isolated, especially from the natural world around us. These proposed tower developments in the industrial areas don’t engage residents with the community and outdoor space Brooklynites are accustom to with row-house and street front stoops. They don’t allow for the sustainable living that the old row-houses provided. And then they also dismantle the adjacent residential row-house communities after they supplanted the industrial land that once supported them with jobs and goods.

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