3 thoughts on “Max & Murphy: Robert Jackson and Jessica Ramos on Their Primary Challenges to Breakaway Dems

  1. My family and I moved to Woodside from Astoria from Jackson Heights over the last years. Rents are ridiculously uncontrolled and exploding in Queens. Once I understood what the IDC was in Albany and that this our Senator Peralta had joined them secretly, I am furious. I like what Ramos has to say and we need to get the albany mess fixed finally. She has my vote and our neighbors

  2. Muslim ban, ICE roundups, elimination of workplace & environmental protections, inaction on shooting sprees, nepotism, corruption, and possibly conspiracy with RU. This is GOP that IDC aligns with in NY Senate. These are NOT our NYC values! #NoIDCNY.

  3. The IDC aligns with Republicans on fiscal issues (and negotiates funding for progressive programs). The IDC is simple a group of Democrats who use their office to help increase budgets in their community.

    Peralta is still a democrat, still a progressive. He doesn’t vote for republican causes, but aligns with the majority to help improve our community.

    I’d be more afraid of progressives that have no experience in impleting a budget, but a wide range of experience in organizing protest around the city.

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