Murphy and Max on the set of Max and Murphy.

The 2017 campaign is almost over. The outcome of the top races seems in little doubt. Excitement among voters seems in short supply. But there are plenty of important issues at play in the choices voters make on Tuesday.

In their first live show and their video debut, Gotham Gazette’s Ben Max and City Limits’ Jarrett Murphy on Monday gave their takes on 10 Things NYC Voters Should Think About On Election Day:

1. This election is going to be closer than you think.

2. Mayor de Blasio’s ‘mandate’ is at stake

3. There are really clear choices in the big races—mayoral, public advocate, comptroller—especially when you consider third parties and write-ins

4. There are a few City Council races to know about; and they could help determine the next Speaker

5. Getting development right—or at least looking like you are–is challenging candidates all over the city.

6. This is New York Democrats’ first election since the rise of Donald Trump

7. The ballot questions: Question #1 is not a simple choice, whether your answer is yes or no. If you think it is simple, you need to think more.

8. It’s time to take stock of the state of the Republican Party in New York City

9. You’re voting on the leading candidates for mayor in 2021.

10 There’s no excuse not to be an informed voter. The WNYC/Gotham Gazette/City Limits voters’ guide, the info on both our sites (both articles and links), the Campaign Finance Board voters’ guides — there’s plenty of data out there to make an informed choice.

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