“This provides a disturbing window into the possible future of the city’s Latino population if the city’s affordable-housing program does not take into account community calls for much deeper affordability than is currently being planned.”

NILP president Angelo Falcón discussing new research on the impact of gentrification
in New York
* * * *
Nastiest Race is in Brooklyn Council District


“One of the few competitive races in this year’s City Council elections has also become one of the nastiest, due to a long-simmering battle between warring factions in Borough Park’s Orthodox Jewish community. The contenders in the 44th Council District are Kalman Yeger and Yoni Hikind. But the two men at the center of the feud are Councilman David Greenfield and Assemblyman Dov Hikind who have been at odds for years, and have executed a proxy war in the district that has included accusations of disinformation, internet smear videos of unclear origin, and flame wars between ‘sockpuppet’ accounts on Twitter. “

* * * *
Mayoral Hopefuls Begin Their Closing Arguments


“Malliotakis was in midtown Manhattan, criticizing the mayor’s record on homelessness and other issues. She said New Yorkers are frustrated. ‘As they drive around the city, there’s potholes, as they ride the trains, there’s 70,000 delays a month,’ said Malliotakis. ‘There’s litter issues, there’s sanitation issues. These are basic services that New Yorkers want and that they’re not getting, because the city is being mismanaged.'”

* * * *
De Blasio’s Mixed Record on Public Housing

Gotham Gazette

“Despite signs of further improvement down the road, NYCHA continues to have major problems, including too many units still in disrepair, and there has been vocal pushback from residents concerning the administration’s willingness to lease NYCHA land to private developers. This is part of the “infill” program for underutilized property, wherein the city and its partners will construct mostly affordable housing, while raising additional revenue to benefit the public housing system. Furthermore, some public housing advocates say that, while de Blasio’s additional financial support has been welcome, only a truly proportional dedication of resources will transform the city’s public housing into a state of good repair.”

* * * *
Latinos Being Pushed Out Amid Brooklyn Gentrification

The New York Post

“In Brooklyn, the number of Hispanic residents has halted and even started to decline. The Hispanic population in Brooklyn has dropped from 513,242 in 2015 to an estimated 505,183 last year — a 1.6 percent reduction, NILP president Angelo Falcón said. Falcón claims that escalating housing costs — spurred by gentrification — have driven lower-income Hispanics out of once predominately Latino neighborhoods of Bushwick, Williamsburg and Sunset Park. Puerto Ricans, in particular, had a strong presence in those areas.”