“Just look at this terrorist. What did he look like? This is something we have to get past. Political correctness cannot be there all the time.”

–Independent mayoral candidate Bo Dietl, in the final debate
* * * *
Final Debate Starts Subdued, Finishes Frenetic

Gotham Gazette

“As the incumbent, de Blasio was put on the spot several times during the hour-long debate — on public safety, on the city’s homelessness crisis, on his ethics record, on his relationship with the press — and he drew upon tried-and-tested responses that he has given on the campaign trail and throughout much of his time in office. Malliotakis consistently tried to challenge the progressive Democrat, waiting impatiently to criticize his policies as he defended them. And Dietl, who initially seemed more subdued than past public appearances, returned to form with nonlinear responses to questions and a more frantic pace as the debate grew increasingly frenetic and the three candidates fought to be heard. All three wound up speaking loudly and quickly, on several occasions talking over one another and arguing with the moderator, Maurice DuBois of CBS-2 New York, about opportunities to rebut claims made by others.”

* * * *
Polls Shows De Blasio With Sizeable Lead


Bill de Blasio: 49%
Nicole Malliotakis: 16%
Bo Dietl: 3%
Sal Albanese: 2%
Not voting: 4%
Not Sure: 20%
Refused to answer: 5%

* * * *
West Side Terrorist Planned to Continue Assault in Brooklyn


“The man accused of carrying out the worst terrorist attack in New York City since 9/11 planned to mow down even more civilians at the Brooklyn Bridge and said he “felt good” about his deadly West Side rampage — even asking if he could hang an ISIS flag from his hospital room window, federal court papers revealed.”

* * * *
Cross-Examination Reveals Rechnitz Has Strained Relationship With the Truth

Politico NY

“Rechnitz admitted Wednesday he’d doctored emails from Mayor Bill de Blasio, then forwarded them to close friends to demonstrate his own importance. He repeatedly lied about owning landmarked buildings he did not own, lied about not having an ownership stake in apartments and lied about owning a yacht he’d only rented to host Seabrook. (He instructed the yacht rental management company to remove all traces of the actual owner, in order to deceive his guest.)”

* * * *
Queens Dem Machine Boss’s Hold on Power


“Every political machine has a leader, and the most powerful of them are known everywhere as the Boss. In Queens, that’s Congressman Joseph Crowley —chairman of the county Democratic Committee and chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, making him the fourth most powerful Democrat in Congress. In the final episode of our series the People’s Guide to Power, WNYC pulls back the curtain on the sources of his power and the forces challenging him in his own backyard.”

* * * *
Palestinian-American Activist and Council Candidate Deny Any Alliance

Kings County Politics

“Politics may make for strange bedfellows, but don’t expect to see Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour and City Council Candidate Kalman Yeger turning out the night light and slipping beneath the covers anytime soon. That after both Sarsour and Yeger – arch adversaries in terms of Israeli-Palestinian relations – both categorically denied that Sarsour is supporting Yeger in his run-up to the Nov. 7 election against Yoni Hikind for the open 44th District City Council seat covering Boro Park, Bensonhurst, Midwood and part of Kensington.”