“[The union’s] leadership has been fooled by a Governor who refuses to fix the subways he runs.”

-Mayoral spokesman Eric Phillips, reacting to transit union claims that the city owes the MTA money
* * * *
Commuters are the Losers in Cuomo-De Blasio Feud


“The apparently intractable feud between the erstwhile allies reached theatrical heights on Monday, causing alarm among transportation advocates eager to see New York’s most powerful leaders contend with the innumerable problems plaguing New York’s infrastructure. Unlike some contests between the two that have redounded to the state’s benefit, the clash of egos has increasingly left New Yorkers in the lurch while worsening crises go unresolved. ‘This gamesmanship is not helping riders,’ said Nick Sifuentes, executive director of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign.”

* * * *
You Aren’t Alone in Thinking Weekend Subway Service Sucks

Village Voice

“The MTA has always tried to schedule most of its work on evenings and weekends, to avoid interfering with weekday commutes, says Richard Barone, vice president for transportation at the Regional Plan Association. But in recent years, ‘weekend and evening ridership has increased dramatically, so more riders are more aware of the disruptions,’ he adds. And the added work post–Hurricane Sandy ‘has only made things worse.'”

* * * *
What Credit or Cautions are due Mayor de Blasio Over his Handling of the Economy?

Gotham Gazette

“With the economy thriving, economic experts, on the right and left, and independent fiscal watchdogs are in broad agreement that de Blasio’s policies have encouraged, or at least not hampered, the conditions for growth, both in directly measurable actions and through overarching policies with indirect, less quantifiable effects. But, there is also consensus that the administration must meticulously guide the next phase of the city’s economic development and keep a vigilant eye on variables that could threaten the city’s economic health.”

* * * *
The Dreamers: You’ve Heard the Arguments. Now Meet the People.


“But despite country-wide protests after President Trump threatened the end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program on Sept 8, the vast majority of the nation’s 800,000 dreamers remain anonymous.  There is no public record of who they are, their background or what they do now, and schools and companies with that information protect it.  To reveal their identity to the public could be dangerous, exposing them to deportation if DACA ends altogether, advocates say.”

* * * *
Dem Surveys Electorate for His To-Do List … if Elected

Kings County Politics

“Elected officials have been known to survey residents to ensure that their goals are in line with their community’s needs, but rarely has a candidate been so brazen as to begin polling his would-be constituency before winning the seat. The questionnaire asks people to identify what areas they believe the next city councilmember should prioritize and the issues that are most important to them.”