“There’s a Trump-like quality in his whining about the media. He’s got the same disease as the president.”

– Baruch College Professor Doug Muzzio on Mayor de Blasio
* * * *
50 Years Ago, a Con Con Ended Disastrously


“Today, even people who praise these progressive proposals concede the convention was largely a failure — and not just because voters ended up rejecting the amendment package 70 percent to 30 percent. But students of state history disagree over what lessons to draw from that failure. The debate is more important than ever this fall, for New Yorkers will once again decide whether to hold another such convention. Supporters of voting ‘Yes’ on the November ballot say the pitfalls of 1967 can be avoided; those who urge a ‘No’ vote argue the very same problems that plagued the convention then will take place again.”

* * * *
The Mayor’s Spotty Record on Ethics and Transparency

Gotham Gazette

“De Blasio rode into power promising the most transparent administration in the city’s history, but his nearly four years in office have been marked by continuing questions and controversies over both his administration’s opaqueness and ethics, highlighted by twin law enforcement investigations into fundraising practices and government favors for campaign donors. The incumbent Democratic mayor, seeking reelection this fall, has repeatedly argued that he and his associates have carried themselves ethically and that he has done more disclosure than his predecessors and other high-level officials. Yet, along with his electoral opponents, political observers, government reform advocates, and City Council members also say de Blasio’s rhetoric has not been backed by action and that his record on transparency and ethics has been, at best, a mixed bag.”

* * * *
De Blasio Unveils Plan to Control Congestion

The New York Times

“The five-point plan includes a pilot test of banning deliveries during the morning and evening rush in certain clotted areas, like Midtown Manhattan, where traffic has slowed 23 percent in the last decade, according to the New York City Transportation Department. Today, vehicles there crawl along at a little more than five miles per hour on average. More than 150 police officers will be hired to hand out tickets and enforce the rules, the mayor said, and scores more traffic agents will be deployed.”

* * * *
Plenty of Ballot Lines for Third Parties, but how Much Impact?


“This year, city voters will have an overwhelming menu of 22 different ballot lines from which to choose. They range from Dietl’s ‘Dump the Mayor,’ to a party line called ‘Solutions.’ There’s an ‘Animal Rights’ party line and a ‘No Rezoning 4 Ever’ line.”

* * * *
Weiner Will do his Time in the Bay State

City & State

“[O]ne well-informed bochinchero tells us that Devens, the federal medical center, ‘will not be the Club Fed type of low-security facility. … Devens has inmates of all security classifications.’ On the other hand, Weiner may feel somewhat safe since Devens doesn’t have ‘the worst of the worst’ criminals among its prisoners. It’s assumed that Weiner will be getting treatment for his sexting compulsion. As described by the main bochinchero here: ‘It’s a pretty good designation for him. It’s known as a safe place and has a great gym and exercise facility.'”