6 thoughts on “Advocates, Council Continue Push for Deeper Affordability

  1. What no one is talking about is the number of working tenants making $50K+ who fall into the limbo of making too much or too little for NYC’s “affordable” housing lottery apartments. There should be zero affordable housing bands for household incomes above $65,000. At that income level most NYC apts are affordable. Especially in this real estate landscape gentrification inspired rooming houses and room mates. There are many working, middle class, single moms with children households that have been evicted and displaced because the insane new “market rate” for Brooklyn (areas previously undesired by current gentrifying segments) has outpaced their income. This is the segment of homeless (now staying with family or friends) NO ONE talks about. What about us?

  2. As a member of CB5 and longtime resident of Brooklyn, I was actively involved in the think tanks that looked to extract benefits from the people’s land giveaway to developers and investor organizations. For the sake of not regurgitating false narratives let me just say this, The only way to provide “Sustainable Housing” for the working class with an upward mobility to homeownership is a partnership between the City, State, and Federal government. If I know that then the Mayor, HUD and reporters should know it as well. The most successful model of Sustainable, MIH in the country is right here in NYC, Mitchell Llama and the Nehemiah homeownership program. I can refer you to city council hearing where I gave testimony and no council member could identify where it was. Yet, they still chase the false narrative about providing “affordable” housing.

    • The deBlasio admin is uncertain about home ownership. To deBlasio and the progressives way of thinking the poor and renters are an endless source of votes and dependency on government regulation. Home owners provide needed (and ever increasing) property taxes. Home owners also provide stability for neighborhoods but that’s not deBlasio’s concern. He’s not really interested in maintaining quiet stable neighborhoods. Home owners demand services like safe schools, active policing and well-maintained streets, things that the city isn’t interested in under deBlasio. Some in the deBlasio admin would zone 1 & 2 family home areas out of existence.

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