4 thoughts on “18 Tenant Protection Bills May Soon Be Law

  1. It would also be nice if DOB and HPD were encouraged not to intentionally ignore tenant created violations like creating illegal rooms for renters, installing double cylinder locks on doors and locks on window gates, removing smoke detectors or not installing batteries in them, harassing other tenants, and cluttering their fire escapes.

  2. Tenant protection laws have created a lot of abuse already. Do they know that many landlords have been abused by Tenants who are taking advantage of these laws. Tenant moved in for the first month and then refused to pay the rest of the months. Then they both got to the court and wait for the judge to complete the trial and tell them to move out. Bingo!, they got a free one year accommodation, no rent, no utility during these time. Time to find another Landlord victim for another year of free living. If our Mayor and authorities is highly intelligent, how could they let this happen? Tenant protection law is important, but it cannot be abused. There should be more resources that offers by the city to help tenant to locate new home after a fixed period of time instead of having the Landlord to pay for their bill. Everyone should have their own responsibility including tenants. Landlord are not charity, they have their own difficulties too. Look at the past cases that have wasted tax payer so much on putting this kind of case to the court.

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