Rarely has so wonky a topic as zoning policy been so central to New York City’s political conversation as it is today. Mayor de Blasio’s plan to rezone a dozen or more neighborhood neighborhoods to—in tandem with his housing plan—create what he says will be a city that is both more dense and more inclusive has sparked such a debate. It is more than a talk about C-4 verses R-10: It’s about New York’s values, the city’s past and present, the power of government versus the role of the marketplace. It links neighborhoods from Bay Street on Staten Island to East New York in Brooklyn to Jerome Avenue in the Bronx.

As part of its ZoneIn project providing in-depth coverage of the rezoning debate in each neighborhood and across the city, City Limits will this evening host a conversation featuring three important voices on this topic: author Tom Angotti, former housing commissioner Vicki Been and scholar Moses Gates. They will join me at Impact Hub at 394 Broadway in Manhattan tonight from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Be part of it: Attend, or watch via Facebook Live. Tweet questions and comments. Or email me things you want me to ask.

One thought on “Rezone or Leave Alone? Join Us for a Spirited Exchange

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