One thought on “Rezone or Leave Alone? Join Us for a Spirited Exchange

  1. To fix up neighborhoods good i now your a liberal paper editor from agentrified neighborhoods where a corrupt City politicians dont steer The community with fake promises anda giving some in The neighborhoods acarrot so they can make money from the people of color gentrify some of the neighborhood anda then dump prisons and shelters in the people of color neighborhood no the brooklyn house. Is nota a example because first of al ir das aneighborhood of color then they really used it not like now model prisoners the court is right there also hotel shelters like the laquinta in farrockaway and shelters which you not subjected todo ruin neighborhoods of people of color so they mover the coalition of the rockaways Bruce jacobs will fight To protect these and all people against these corrupt politicians Black or white they will be defeated the people you seem To give coverage to for a story i hope i am wrong

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