Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office.

The mayor on Staten Island last week.

In our latest podcast, City Limits’ Jarrett Murphy and Ben Max of Gotham Gazette talk about Mayor de Blasio’s relationship with the press and voters, money in the 2017 campaign, police surveillance, neighborhood rezonings and the upcoming City Hall in the Bronx.

Check out some of the items referenced during our chat:

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Gotham Gazette: City Council Members Opt Out of Campaign Finance Program

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City Limits: City and State Lawmakers Move to Regulate Police Surveillance

Gotham Gazette: Thousands of Low-Profile Cases Could Turn on Police Body Camera Footage

City Limits: Growth Fears Fuel Effort to Protect Chinatown. Now, Where Exactly is Chinatown?

City Limits: Investors’ Guidebooks to Rezoning Areas Foresee Dramatic Change

City Limits: De Blasio Plan for Garment District Spurs Fierce Debate

Gotham Gazette: De Blasio Holds Town Hall as Week on Staten Island Nears Conclusion

Office of the Mayor:“City Hall in Your Borough” Lands in the Bronx Late May

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