7 thoughts on “How to Deal with the Coming L-pocalypse? One Idea is to Ban Cars from 14th Street

  1. The renderings always look nice but totally shutting down 14th to vehicles would only flood parallel streets with vehicles. You’s still have to allow delivery trucks. Neither the city nor state can ban private buses from using city streets. Ban them from using MTA bus stops and they’ll pick up / drop off elsewhere. Manhattan is neither Paris nor Copenhagen. But the MTA needs to decide quickly what alternatives will be there once the Canarsie Tunnel shutdown takes effect.

  2. I’ve noted that when they closed the Montague St. tunnel(R) for post-Sandy-repairs riders found other routes including the Rutger St. tunnel(A/F) to get to west-side Manhattan from Brooklyn. Since opening up again some of those Montague St. users never returned but continued to use their new-found routes. More to their liking?

  3. Sorry you close 14th street which is a mjor connector From the East side to the West side, it connects to the west side highway from the FDR Drive. You will be creating a mass gridlock. You have made 23rd St one lane in each direction, every side street is overwhelmed with truck traffic and construction. Houston Street is a never ending traffic nightmare. This will just make it one more bit of insanity.
    Add more trains to other lines, leave the above ground alone, if you have to add more buses so be it, but do not shut down 14th St. You will also be killing all the businesses there. Reference what happened to the businesses on second ave during the construction of the second ave subway.
    The work is underground, add more traisn to other lines and add more buses! Do not close the street!

  4. What will happen to businesses on 14th St. which need to receive or send out deliveries? Will there be times when commercial traffic is permitted?

  5. “The benefits of car-free thoroughfares are obvious to pedestrians” Absolutely untrue. As a pedestrian, the most hazardous days are the car-free ones, as cyclists do not stop for anything

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